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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to the following Movie Mathematics questions?

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1. The number of the Pelham train 'Taken' by John Travolta minus the number Jim Carrey was obsessed with.
2. The number of Spartans who fought the Persian hordes divided by the number of Angry Men
3. The number of Dresses worn by Katherine Heigl minus the name of the road where Eminem's rapper character lived
4. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Cyberdine Systems model number multiplied by the number of years Brad Pitt spent in Tibet.
5. The number of Star Wars movies given a theatrical release multiplied by the age at which Matthew Perry looked like Zac Efron (Again!)
6. The age Jennifer Garner was plus the age Jennifer Garner was going on.
7. Molly Ringwald's candles multiplied by the number of members of the Breakfast Club.
8. The number of Days of Night Josh Hartnett faced plus the route Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda biked in Easy Rider.
9. The number depicted by Damien's birthmark minus the most common part of a Hollywood phone number.
10. The year of Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey minus the Year Jack Black and Michael Cera were cavemen in.
11. The number of Rocky movies multiplied by the number of Rambo movies.
12. The number of Dalmatians Glenn Close chased in the sequel divided by the number of men looking after a Baby.
13. How many Days Later Cillian Murphy battled the Infected plus the number of Steps in Hitchcock's classic film.
14. The number of the U-boat infiltrated by Matthew McConaughey minus the number of First Dates Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore went on.
15. The number of things Julia Stiles Hates About You multiplied by the number of superheroes in a team featuring Jessica Alba and Ioan Gruffud.
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