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The London Underground
1. By what name is the Underground colloquially known? 
2. According to Transport for London figures, what is the busiest station? 
3. Which station, closed in 1994, is now used for media purposes such as film shoots? 
4. What is the shortest line on the network? 
5. Which London airport is the only one served by the London Underground? 
Buildings & Architecture
1. Which cathedral was designed by Christopher Wren and has an Underground station named for it? 
2. By what name is the skyscraper '30 St. Mary Axe' better known? 
3. What is the name of the tallest building in London, which opened in July 2012? 
4. What is the name of the council that sits in City Hall, headed by the Mayor? 
5. What is the name of the largest shopping centre (mall) found within Greater London, situated at Shepherd's Bush? 
1. Who is the current sitting Mayor of London? 
2. Which former Olympic champion headed London's bid for the 2012 Olympic Games? 
3. Who usually lives at 11 Downing Street? 
4. Which football (soccer) player was born in Leytonstone, at the north-eastern edge of Greater London? 
5. Which member of Irish band U2 was actually born in Barking, an eastern suburb of London? 
In Popular Culture
1. Which trendy area of West London was the setting, and title, of a rom-com starring Julia Roberts in 1999? 
2. Which famous literary detective lived at 221B Baker Street, London? 
3. In which year was the video game 'Grand Theft Auto: London' set? 
4. Which US sitcom set their fourth series finale in London and featured a cameo from Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson? 
5. Which river crossing is 'falling down' in a popular nursery rhyme? 
1. Where in London is the All England Club, home to a major annual tennis tournament? 
2. What starts at Blackheath and finishes in The Mall, adjacent to St James' Palace? 
3. Which area of London is the site of the Olympic Stadium? 
4. The Boat Race, held on the River Thames between Putney and Chiswick Bridges, is contested by which two Universities? 
5. Which south-western suburb of London is the site of, and gives its name to, the English national rugby union stadium? 
1. Which English king ordered the construction of the Tower of London in 1078? 
2. What was London known as while under the rule of the Roman Empire? 
3. What started in a bakery on Pudding Lane on September 2 1666? 
4. In 1981, the London embassy of which Middle Eastern country was at the centre of a hostage crisis, eventually ended by the SAS? 
5. Which English queen was crowned at Westminster Abbey on January 15th 1559? 
1. Which London venue has hosted tribute concerts for Nelson Mandela, Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana? 
2. Which punk band released a single and album titled 'London Calling'? 
3. Which Kinks song details a romance at an Underground station and a bridge with the same name? 
4. Which three-letter abbreviation, the title of a song by Lily Allen, is common shorthand for London? 
5. As part of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002, which guitarist played 'God Save The Queen' atop Buckingham Palace? 
Fun Facts
1. What is the actual name of the building commonly referred to as the Houses of Parliament? 
2. Which London Underground line has the most stations? 
3. Which current Premier League club based in London has never won the FA Cup? 
4. Which tourist spot in London is known for shopping and for its large electronic advertising boards? 
5. What kind of mammal famously swam up the River Thames into central London in 2006? 

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