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Can you name the things Bjørge Lillelien referenced in his famous commentary rant in 1981?

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ClueAnswerCommentary Line
Beaten team, capital city London
Mythical race of large human-like creatures (i.e. Goliath)
British naval commander honoured with a column in Trafalgar Square
British tycoon and politician, actually born in Ontario, Canada.
Former British prime minister, famed for his leadership during World War II
Former British prime minister in the 1950s
British socialist prime minister, credited with introducing the National Health Service
ClueAnswerCommentary Line
British boxer, best remembered for knocking down Cassius Clay.
Former Princess of Wales who died in a car accident in Paris in 1997
First female Prime Minster of the UK.
Process by which someone is chosen by the people to hold office.
International football (soccer) tournament held every four years by FIFA.
Sport in which two competitors use their fists to score points or knock their opponent unconscious.
Venue in New York City, home of the New York Knicks.

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