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Can you name the things that occurred during 1918?

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January 8This US President deliveres his 'Fourteen Points' speech before Congress.
January 27Civil war breaks out in this country.
February 14This nation adopts the Gregorian calendar - and promptly loses 13 days.
March 6The Finnish Air Force is founded, using a blue version of this infamous symbol as its insigna.
March 12Soviet Russia adopts this city as its new capital.
April 18This most famous and successful of fighter pilots dies in action near the Somme river.
May 2General Motors acquires this Delaware motor company.
July 9A train wreck in this Tennessee city kills 101.
July 14This director of 'The Seventh Seal' is born in Uppsala, Sweden.
July 17The RMS Carpathia is sunk by a German U-boat. The Carpathia is remembered as the rescue ship for this stricken vessel 6 years earlier.
August (general)This virus becomes a pandemic, killing 25 million people over the next six months.
August 30This Russian leader is shot by Fanya Kaplan, but survives.
September 11The 1918 World Series of Baseball is won by this team, their last win until 2004.
October 11The city of Mayaguez in this current U.S. dependency is hit by a 7.5 earthquake and tsunami.
October 12Katla, an example of this kind of mountain, erupts.
October 25The Princess Sophia sinks off the coast of this U.S. state capital, killing 353.
October 30This Middle-Eastern country declares its independence from the Ottoman Empire
November 1A streetcar accident in this New York City borough kills 93 people.
November 11An armistice is agreed between the Allied Forces and Germany, ending this global conflict.
December 28Constance Markiewicz becomes the first woman elected to this legislative body of the United Kingdom.

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