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Rank and LocationBody of WaterSurface Area (mi^2)
1. Between the Americas and Asia62,460,000
2. Separates the Americas from Europe and Asia41,100,000
3. South of Asia, East of Africa, and West of Australia28,400,000
4. Surrounds Antarctica7,848,000
5. Surrounds the North Pole5,427,000
6. East of the Philippines, North of New Guinea5,000,000
7. Northeast of Australia, Southeast of New Guinea1,850,000
8. Between India, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, and Oman1,491,000
9. Between China, the Philippines, and Vietnam1,351,000
10. Between China, South Korea, and Japan1,249,000
11. North of Colombia and Venezuela1,063,000
12. Between Europe and Africa965,300
13. Borders Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, and others907,300
14. Between Australia and New Zealand888,000
15. Between Alaska and Russia884,900
16. Borders India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar838,600
17. Borders Florida, Texas, and Mexico617,800
18. Between Kamchatka Penninsula, Kuril Islands, and Siberia611,200
19. Borders Norway and Russia540,000
20. Northwest of Norway534,000
21. Surrounded by Canada474,900
22. Borders Greenland and Svalbard465,300
23. Extends from Uruguay to Tierra del Fuego386,100
24. Borders Wrangel Island, between Laptev Sea and Chukchi Sea381,000
25. Borders North and South Korea, Russia, and Honshu377,600

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