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Forced Order
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a Waiter
a Singer
a Priest
a Stewardess
an Addict
a Postman
a Lawyer
a Begger
a Director
an Employee
a Butcher
a Florist
an Electrician
a Grocer
a Conductor
a Writer
an Owner
a Businessman
a Best friend
a Porter
a Policeman
a Treasurer
a Merchant
a Lady
a Neighbour
a Computer specialist
an Astronaut
a Princess
an Engineer
a Barber
a Good friend
an Undertaker
a Taxi driver
a model
a Pianist
a Tax collector
a Cleaning lady
an Actress
a Painter
a Plumber
a Dentist
a Technician
a Shorthand typist
a Workman
a Vet
a Pharmacist
a Surgeon
a Photographer
an Usherette
a Draughtsman
a Cook
a Paramedic
a Pupil
a Chiropodist
a Custom officer
a Fairy
a Farmer
a Receptionist
a Nun
a Saleslady
a Cashier
a Trader/shopkeeper
an Unskilled worker
a Burgler
a Mason
a Gardener
a Manager
a Civil servant
a Driver
a Watch maker
a Carpenter
a Scientist
a Teacher
a Violinist
a Chef
a Doctor
a Cobbler
a Sailor
an Architect
a Primary school teacher
a Chemist
a Widow
an Accountant
a Lorry driver
a Judge
a Master
a Musician
an Unemployed
a Politician
a Sculptor
a Tailor
a Headmaster
a Queen
a Telephone operator
an Artist
a Maid
a Prince
a Secretary
a Baker
a Waitress
an Actor
a Newsagent
a Salesman
a Hairdresser
a Conman
a Guitarist
a Fireman
a King
a Mechanic
a Computer programmer
a Pilot
a Miner
a Computer technician
a Fisherman
a Traffic warden
a Typist
a Rubber tapper
a Composer
a Widower
a Fraudster
an Assistant
an Occupation
a Mayor
a Vagrant
a Greengrocer
a Caretaker
a Monk
a Soldier
a Person
a Local government officer
a Nurse
an Optician
a Journalist

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