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a hairdryer
a pensil
a kitchen
a loudspeaker
a straw
a water scoop
a pencil case
some chicken gravy
an ashtray
a windowpane
a carpet
a modern house
a bubble
a basement
an aquarium
a showercap
a cassette
a video cassette
a cushion
a knob
a terrace-house
a glass
a pail
a furniture
a book
a cup
a record player
a radio
a steel wool
a bag
a jug
a blender
a flower vase
a refrigerator
a teapot
a mattress
a ladle
a pyjamas
a bedspread
a table
a towel
a fireplace
some hair cream
a pen
a correction fluid
some soup
a toilet bowl
a gas cylinder
a fence gate
a slipper
a comb
a magazine
a picture
some water
a stair
a door bell
a door
a tissue paper
a calendar
a magazine holder
a newspaper
a flat
a vacuum cleaner
some talcum powder
a dining room
a video camera
a bangalow
a toaster
a serviette
a cement floor
a tap
an orange Juice
a lamp
a mirror
a semi-detached house
a padlock
a microwave
a record
a ruler
a switch
a basin
a television
a clock
a sink
a water heater
a staple
a ball-point pen
a kettle
a fence
a dresser
a ceiling fan
a blind
a hi-fi set
a file
a pillow
a tiled floor
a living place
some mouthwash
a remote control
a blanket
a sieve
a facial cleanser
some ink
a guest
a fountain pen
a shower
an attic
a wall clock
a lid
a roof
a fork
a bathroom
a drawer
a living room
a mosquito coil
a bolster
a desk
an armchair
a study room
a garage
a stapler
a telephone
a bowl
a pot
some shampoo
a gutter
a compact disc
a spatula/fish slice
a window grille
a sponge
a sofa
a wall
some fish gravy
a cellar
a computer
a can opener
a punch bowl
a porch
a bookcase
a portico
a wooden house
a notebook
a tablecloth
a torchlight
an oven
a tub
a telephone directory
a drain
a chair
some warm water
a camera
a saucer
a trophy
some vegetable gravy
a towel rail
a chimney
a bedroom
a rug
a closet
some syrup
some glue
a wok
a curtain
a toothbrush
a spoon
a comic
a ceiling
a fence pillar
a soap
a knife
a balcony
a bathtub
a deck chair
a key
a letter box
a table lamp
a pillowcase
a kitchen sink
a bed
a hanger
a floor
a roof tile
a step
a photo album
a gas cooker
some toothpaste
a fan
a split-level terrace house
a mosquito net
a vegetable salad
a clothes brush
a plate
a window
an eraser
a cupboard
a video cassette recorder
an alarm clock
a napkin
a condominium

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