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Related to beauty
Instructional in purpose
Repetition of the same consonant sound
Repetition of 's' sounds
A reference to something else
A story that exists on two levels
The perceived or associated meaning of a word
The literal meaning of a word
An error in chronology
Misuse of language to achieve anticlimax
Quality in work that evokes emotion
A universal symbol
Repetition of vowel sounds
A verse that has no rhyme, but still has a meter
A pause
The purging of emotion
Extended metaphor
From the decadent school of literature
Starting in the middle of the action
Consists of an octave and a sestet
Consists of 3 quatrains and a couplet
Use of established figurative phrase instead of a noun
Misuse of a word for a similar sounding word
The use of an object to represent a person or group
Use of a word that sounds like what it means in order to express that sound
Use of contradictory words as a figure of speech
A short story to express a lesson
Something confusing or self contradicting
Bucolic; harking to a rural or old-fashioned way of life
Giving human-like traits to an inanimate object
Mix of words that carries the meaning of both
A lamentation of someone's death
A celebration of someone's life
Borrowing from another artist's style
Indirect comparative statement
When one person speaks with no audience
That which cannot be expressed in words
Mixing of elements such as human and animal, human and spiritual etc.

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