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Can you name the these events of 1971??

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Radio and TV ads banned for this productJanuary 2
Television classic debutsJanuary 12
Inaugurated as Governor of GeorgiaJanuary 12
Mastermind of criminal family found guilty of murderJanuary 25
British automobile company went bankruptFebruary 4
This stock market debutsFebruary 8
Became preisdent of SyriaMarch 12
Variety show aired its final episodeMarch 28
Found guilty of leading My Lai massacreMarch 29
Supreme Court upholds school busing in this North Carolina cityApril 20
Succeeds his father as president of HaitiApril 21
Future senator who led massive Vietnam War protest marchApril 22
Began rail service in United StatesMay 1
Austria establishes diplomatic relations with this countryMay 26
New York Times publishes these documents on Vietnam WarJune 13
Airline begins flying within TexasJune 18
Rock star found dead in bathtub in ParisJuly 3
More than 40,000 attend concert in New York City to benefit this countryAugust 1
Ground broken on this indoor stadiumAugust 11
President Nixon closes the gold window, effectively ending this monetary systemAugust 15
Deadly riots break out at this New York state prisonSeptember 9
Dies after 34 years on Supreme CourtSeptember 25
Theme park opens in FloridaOctober 1
Rod Stewart song spent 5 weeks at #1 in OctoberOctober 2
Wins Academy Award for Best Picture of 1971 (April 1972)October 9
Democratic Republic of the Congo is renamed thisOctober
One of two movies starring Clint EastwoodNovember 3 and December 22
This company releases its first microprocessorNovember 12
Jumps out of plane over Pacific Northwest and is never foundNovember 24
Named new Secretary-General of United NationsDecember 21

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