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QUIZ: Questions set by Year 9 students studying World War 1.

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Forced Order
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According to The Schlieffen Plan, in how many days could Germany defeat France?
List 3 countries/Empires which were Germany's main allies.
What is the name given to the space between the 2 sides which is not controlled by either side?
When the 2 sides started digging trenches and movement stopped, the war was described as being in ____________?
What date did France declare war on Germany?
On what date did Germany invade Belgium?
In the British Army, what was the name of the punishment which involved being bound to an immovable object for several hours per day?
In a trench, what was the name of the ledge soldiers stepped on to be able to see/shoot over the side?
What is the name of the process where citizens are forced to join the army?
How many death sentences were awarded by Courts Martial in the British Army during WQorld War 1?
What were the MAIN reasons for the outbreak of World War 1?
Which countries formed the Triple Entente?

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