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Can you name the Pokemon based on the clue without giving any wrong answers?

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What was Ash's third Pokemon in Kanto?
What was Ash's fourth Pokmon in Unova?
What was Ash's second Pokemon in Sinnoh?
What was Ash's fifth Pokemon in Johto?
What was Ash's first Pokemon in Hoenn?
What badge does Winona from Hoenn give?
What badge does Blaine from Kanto give?
What badge does Morty from Johto give?
What badge does Fantina from Sinnoh give?
What badge does Elesa from Unova give?
ClueCorrect Answer
What is the second gym city in Sinnoh?
What is the third gym city in Kanto?
What is the sixth gym city in Hoenn?
What is the fifth gym city in Unova?
What is the fourth gym city in Johto?
What is the first of five potion types? (Based on effectiveness)
What is the fourth of five potion types?
What is the second of five potion types?
What is the fifth of five potion types?
What is the third of five potion types?
ClueCorrect Answer
What stone helps Vulpix evolve?
What stone helps Pikachu evolve?
What stone helps Clefairy evolve?
What stone helps Staryu evolve?
What stone helps Nuzleaf evolve?
Pokemon type: Psychic/steel; name starts with 'M'
Pokemon type: Fighting/steel; name starts with 'L'
Pokemon type: Grass/poison; name starts with 'V'
Pokemon type: Ground/water; name starts with 'S'
Pokemon type: Fighting/fire; name starts with 'B'

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