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Who did Bellatrix throw a knife at and kill?
Who is Harry's youngest son?
Who is Tonks and Lupin's son?
Who betrayed the Potters to Voldemort?
Who was Hagrid's pet dragon?
Who was Hermione's Yule Ball date?
Who was Harry's crush up until sixth year?
Who was Viktor Krum's headmaster?
Who is Hagrid's younger brother?
What was Sirius' Animagus nickname?
Who had a bug as an Animagus form?
Who was Voldemort's last Horcurx?
Which Weasley died in the Final Battle?
Who was the Potions teacher in Year Six?
Who was the Beauxbatons rep in the Triwizard Tournament?
Who is the ghost that haunts the girls' bathroom?
Who was the creator of the Chamber of Secrets?
Who is Hagrid's spider in the Forbidden Forest?
Who killed Nagini, according to the movie?
Who was attacked by a troll in his/her first year?

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