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1. Seaside attraction designed by Eugenius Birch
2. Tallest of it's type in UK
3. Red & White below clue 2
4. Old version of clue 3, now a B&B
5. Septuplet version of clue 2
6. Built by the romans, modified by the Normans, landing place of William I
7. White painted, flour production factory
8. Made of brick similar to clue 7
9. The UK's newest National Park
10. Napoleonic defence by the Western Lawns
11. Larger version of clue 10
12. Musical location of the Titanic memorial
13. Floral rug between 1 & 12
14. Opened in 1993 on the Crumbles
15. Largest indoor shopping centre
16. The first of Eastbourne's indoor shopping centres
17. Art Gallery
18. Number of theatre venues
19. Name of theatre
20. Name of theatre
21. Name of theatre
22. Name of theatre
23. Name of theatre
25. Largest swimming pool
26. Older, Old Town pool
International Sporting Event

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