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True or False: On Deseret Value the deductible WILL apply on Chemical Dependency claims?False
True or False: On Deseret Protect the annual deductible will apply on Chemical Dependency?True
Name a Deseret Mutual plan that ONLY covers Chemical Dependency, detox, & outpatient therapy visitsDeseret Value, Student Plans, and Deseret Protect
According to ROBO what benefit does the Intensive Chemical Dependency program fall under?Alternative Care
On Outpatient Therapy visits for Chemical Dependency what is the visit limit?Unlimited with an authorization
True or False: We will not cover any Chemical Dependency claims for students in any formFalse... we cover the detox & Outpatient Therapy Visits
Name one of the members of the Medical Management team that is primarily over the Chemical Dependency benefitMike Adamson or David Rodeback
Like all other mental health what is needed for the full benefits to be covered on Chemical Dependency?Pre-Authorization
If a patient is admitted through the ER for detox will the ER copay still apply?No
Effective on what date were the lifetime maximum & visit limit restriction changed? HINT: Please type out the date. Example: March 7, 1983January 1, 2010

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