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Can you name the NHL teams nickname based on the riddles?

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Forced Order
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RiddleTeam NicknameFull Team Name
A bird that can't fly
What a cheerleader that is thrown up into the air is know as
Natural disaster involving snow
Boeing 707
Cause of thunder
A mountain lion is also know as this
(Opposite of white) + (Type of bird)
Where the Senate and the House of Representatives meet
There are 50 of these on the American flag
Opposite of prey
Roadrunner's arch nemesis
Someone that is mourning might have this
100 of these in Congress
What is Hawaii called geographically
Queen's partner
If a person is from Canada their nationality is
RiddleTeam NicknameFull Team Name
Animal Planet dedicates a week to this animal
Kind of syrup
What an animal not raised in captivity is considered
Brown bears folk term
Fire fighters put these out
Bird that has webbed feet
Boot company
(Present tense of could)+(Hockey's 'ball' without its first letter)
Type of Ford truck
Sword used in World War I
Causes flooding and tornado like wind
Angel on one shoulder and the '____' on the other
(The type of medal awarded to 1st place at the olympics)+('____' in shinning armor)
(Color of the sky) + (Type of coat)

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