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Can you name the NFL team's nickname based on the riddles?

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Forced Order
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RiddleTeam NicknameFull Team Name
Something a President can veto
Getting ready for a vacation involves this
When you mix every paint on a color tray
Also known as barbarians
A kind of black paint popular on cars
Untrained horse
People can swim with this animal
There are sinners and then there are '_____'
Proud to be an American
Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem
Result of a sunburn
Brand of sports car
(Event in the NFL combine that tests a players speed)+(No in German)
Firearm manufacturer
Usually wears a 10-gallon hat
King of the jungle
RiddleTeam NicknameFull Team Name
Male animal know for scaling mountains
Plugging your phone in to an outlet does this
(What jeans are)+(Opposite of him)
'This is one small step for man, and one _____ leap for mankind.'
The President is consider the Commander in '______'
Lions, tigers, '______' oh my
U.S. National Emblem
(Present tense of saw) + (Predator bird)
Car part that cools the engine
Five finger discount
Fastest animal in the world
Also know as pirates
You turn a bolt right to '_____' it and left to loosen it
Bird that is a primary color
When your text message ends
(The big clock in England)+(Seagulls minus the sea)

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