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Can you name the NBA teams nickname based on the riddles?

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Forced Order
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RiddleTeam NicknameFull Team Name
Microwave's do this to your food
First person to make a new path
The ultimate source of energy
Princess's father
People run with this animal in Spain
(When a tree falls this is yelled) + (Animal that hunts in packs)
Popular kids meal at McDonalds
Harry Potter
In the movie Jurassic Park
(Prisoner's room) + (Clock goes '_____' tock)
Thought as a polar bears sibling
Dollar bill is also known as
Minnesota is known for these
Used in horse riding
When you barely hit something
RiddleTeam NicknameFull Team Name
How a rabbit appears out of a top hat
Bird that is usually found around water
Apollo 13
(Another word for mad) + (Opposite of off)
To finish a marathon one must do this
Result of lightning
People with elaborate hand gestures are sometimes know to have '______' hands
Short portion of a video is know as this
(Every car has one of these in order to warn others) + (It)
Declaration of Independence
(Abbreviation for micro air vehicle) + (Short for Richard)
The movie 300 has a lot of these people
Use this to catch fish in mass quantity
(Where bats sleep) + (When someone does not tell the truth they do this)
Predator animal that flys

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