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Can you name the MLB teams nickname based on the riddles?

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Forced Order
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RiddleTeam NicknameFull Team Name
A brand of truck
When you season a cut of meat
Neil Armstrong was an ___nauts
Apples are most commonly associated with this color
Animal that killed Steve Irwin
A halo is above this person's head
(Measured in carats)+(The movie '______ to the Future')
Baby bear
(The abbreviation for meters)+(The abbrevaition of estimated time of arrival)-(Arrival)
A fish with a sword
Showing courage
(Oreo)+(Opposite of young)
'One ______, under God, and indivisible with liberty..
An identical sibling
(Color a boy is associated with)+(The letter in the alphabet following 'i')
RiddleTeam NicknameFull Team Name
Spanish word for father
You try to skip these on water
(Color of blood)+(These come in pairs)
Animal with stripes
Jack and the ____ Beanstalk
(3.14159...)+(A hotel can have a 5 star _____)
A perfect report card is full of these
A nickname for a person who lives in the U.S.
When you get gas you are _____ing up your tank
Where Christopher Columbus initially set sail for
(There are 52 of these in a deck)+(Periodic table symbol for aluminum)
Where you go to shoot a gun
(Caucasians are frequently called this)+(The kids game that involves to mechanical boxers)
The process for making beer
This hand in poker (10,J,Q,K,A same suit)

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