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QUIZ: Can you name the name the breathe carolina song 2?

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i'm only getting started,i wont ********hell is what you make it
you're building me up just to break me downhello fascination
we were dancing on the table swinging from the chandler singing aye oh hell is what you make it
caught in your eye dancing in the bright lighthell is wehat you make it
did i give in to much was it never enoughhell is what you make it
this feels oh so right to me **** all the words i said never ment to say... stay wihth me hell is what you make it
don't just stay.... with me will be foreveriit's classy not classic
and no red lights down the ride all night song
i'm ******** *** **** ***** going down with youhell is what you make reloaded
and you'll find me straigh posted chillin in the parking lot the broadway ft david schimtt for breathe carolina

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