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Can you name the participants in each Intercontinental Title Match from 1985-2002?

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WrestleMania 2Champion
WrestleMania 2Challenger
WrestleMania IIIChampion
WrestleMania IIIChallenger
WrestleMania IVChampion
WrestleMania IVChallenger
SummerSlam 1988Champion
SummerSlam 1988Challenger
WrestleMania VChampion
WrestleMania VChallenger
SummerSlam 1989Champion
SummerSlam 1989Challenger
WrestleMania VIChampion
WrestleMania VIWWF World Champion
SummerSlam 1990Champion
SummerSlam 1990Challenger
WrestleMania VIIChampion
WrestleMania VIIChallenger
SummerSlam 1991Champion
SummerSlam 1991Challenger
This Tuesday in TexasChampion
This Tuesday in TexasChallenger
Royal Rumble 1992Champion
Royal Rumble 1992Challenger
WrestleMania VIIIChampion
WrestleMania VIIIChallenger
UK Rampage 1992Champion
UK Rampage 1992Challenger
SummerSlam 1992Champion
SummerSlam 1992Challenger
Royal Rumble 1993Champion
Royal Rumble 1993Challenger
WrestleMania IXChampion
WrestleMania IXChallenger
UK Rampage 1993Champion
UK Rampage 1993Challenger
King of the Ring 1993Champion
King of the Ring 1993Challenger
SummerSlam 1993Champion
SummerSlam 1993Challenger
Royal Rumble 1994Champion
Royal Rumble 1994Challenger
WrestleMania XChampion
WrestleMania XDisputed Champion
SummerSlam 1994Champion
SummerSlam 1994Challenger
Royal Rumble 1995Champion
Royal Rumble 1995Challenger
WrestleMania XIChampion
WrestleMania XIChallenger
In Your House #2Champion
In Your House #2Challenger
SummerSlam 1995Champion
SummerSlam 1995Challenger
In Your House #3Champion
In Your House #3WWF World Champion
In Your House #3WWF Tag-Team Champion
In Your House #3WWF Tag-Team Champion
In Your House #4Champion
In Your House #4Challenger
Royal Rumble 1996Champion
Royal Rumble 1996Challenger
Good Friends, Better EnemiesChampion
Good Friends, Better EnemiesChallenger
Beware of Dog Part 2Champion
Beware of Dog Part 2Challenger
King of the Ring 1996Champion
King of the Ring 1996Challenger
Buried AliveChampion
Buried AliveChallenger
In Your House: It's TimeChampion
In Your House: It's TimeChallenger
Royal Rumble 1997Champion
Royal Rumble 1997Challenger
In Your House: Final FourChampion
In Your House: Final FourChallenger
WrestleMania 13Champion
WrestleMania 13Challenger
Revenge of the TakerChampion
Revenge of the TakerChallenger
SummerSlam 1997Champion
SummerSlam 1997Challenger
Badd Blood 1997Tournament Finalist
Badd Blood 1997Tournament Finalist
Survivor Series 1997Champion
Survivor Series 1997Challenger
D-Generation XChampion
D-Generation XChallenger
Royal Rumble 1998Champion
Royal Rumble 1998Challenger
WrestleMania XIVChampion
WrestleMania XIVChallenger
Over the Edge 1998Champion
Over the Edge 1998Challenger
Fully Loaded 1998Champion
Fully Loaded 1998Challenger
SummerSlam 1998Champion
SummerSlam 1998Challenger
Judgment Day 1998Champion
Judgment Day 1998Challenger
Capital CarnageChampion
Capital CarnageChallenger
Royal Rumble 1999Champion
Royal Rumble 1999Challenger
St. Valentine's Day MassacreChampion
St. Valentine's Day MassacreChallenger
WrestleMania XVChampion
WrestleMania XVChallenger
WrestleMania XVChallenger
WrestleMania XVChallenger
Backlash 1999Champion
Backlash 1999Challenger
Fully Loaded 1999Champion
Fully Loaded 1999Challenger
SummerSlam 1999Champion/European Champion
SummerSlam 1999Challenger
Unforgiven 1999Champion
Unforgiven 1999Challenger
Rebellion 1999Champion
Rebellion 1999Challenger
No Mercy 1999Champion
No Mercy 1999Challenger
Survivor Series 1999Champion
Survivor Series 1999Challenger
Armageddon 1999Champion
Armageddon 1999Challenger
Royal Rumble 2000Co-Champion
Royal Rumble 2000Co-Champion
Royal Rumble 2000Challenger
No Way Out 2000Champion
No Way Out 2000Challenger
WrestleMania 2000Euro-continental Champion
WrestleMania 2000Challenger
WrestleMania 2000Challenger
Backlash 2000Champion
Backlash 2000Challenger
Judgment Day 2000Champion
Judgment Day 2000Challenger
Fully Loaded 2000Champion
Fully Loaded 2000Challenger
SummerSlam 2000Champion
SummerSlam 2000Champion's Partner
SummerSlam 2000Challenger
SummerSlam 2000Challenger
Unforgiven 2000Champion
Unforgiven 2000Challenger
Armageddon 2000Champion
Armageddon 2000Challenger
Royal Rumble 2001Champion
Royal Rumble 2001Challenger
No Way Out 2001Champion
No Way Out 2001Challenger
No Way Out 2001Challenger
No Way Out 2001Challenger
WrestleMania X-SevenChampion
WrestleMania X-SevenChallenger
Backlash 2001Champion
Backlash 2001WWF World Champion
Backlash 2001WWF Tag-Team Champion
Backlash 2001WWF Tag-Team Champion
Judgment Day 2001Champion
Judgment Day 2001Challenger
SummerSlam 2001Champion
SummerSlam 2001Challenger
Unforgiven 2001Champion
Unforgiven 2001Challenger
No Mercy 2001Champion
No Mercy 2001Challenger
Rebellion 2001Champion
Rebellion 2001Challenger
Survivor Series 2001Champion
Survivor Series 2001WCW U.S. Champion
Vengeance 2001Champion
Vengeance 2001Challenger
Royal Rumble 2002Champion
Royal Rumble 2002Challenger
No Way Out 2002Champion
No Way Out 2002Challenger
WrestleMania X8Champion
WrestleMania X8Challenger
Backlash 2002Champion
Backlash 2002Challenger
InsurreXtion 2002Champion
InsurreXtion 2002Challenger
Judgment Day 2002Champion
Judgment Day 2002Challenger
Vengeance 2002Champion
Vengeance 2002Challenger
SummerSlam 2002Champion
SummerSlam 2002Challenger
Unforgiven 2002Champion
Unforgiven 2002Challenger
No Mercy 2002Champion
No Mercy 2002World Heavyweight Champion

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