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What car has Gareth 'done up'?Bought it for 1200
How much was Gareth's car worth afterwards?It's only a trifling matter
How many hits does Brent get when he searches 'sex fetish'? on the first one
What is the name of the fictional employee David told Jenny he'd fired?Just sort of general warehouse in the warehouse
What is Taffy's real name?Do you want me to get busy love?
What time did Brent's Dad think there was a sniper on the roof of Debenhams?It's a good spot
What did Ricky win on Blockbusters?Two of you is cheating
How many Gold Runs does David usually get on Blockbusters?You know you have to answer loads of questions before the...
What, according to David, can you not put a price on?Take it out of petty cash
What discount do employees sometimes get on stationery?As we're in the industry
How much did David spend releasing his own single?Costs are a bit misleading though
According to him, how many singles did David sell?Still in my garage
What are Donna's parents' names?He's a bloody big bugger an' all
What was David's nickname for Malcolm?Who loves ya baby
What is Lee's sister's name?Not paying rent
How many years in a row have Brentmeister and Finch won the Wernham Hogg quiz?And that's crufts
Who came third in the quiz?Stephen Hawking's football boots don't get a point
Why is David's song for Dawn set in Paris?Every breath you take
What has Gareth got on video?Don't keep saying it
Who has got knob rot off some tart?Who's used all the penicillin?
What would David bloody love his internet date to be?Ex might be around. Might be a nutter
Which football team does David support?Guilty
What are the names of the two interviewees at Wrexham Hogg?You've charmed me
How much did Brent raise on Red Nose Day 'last time'?Do you dance?
What is David's excuse for acting like a petulant kid?Showed his true colours didn't he
What ride is Anne 'no way waiting 45 minutes to go on'?why should you
What is David's dog's name?Is someone gonna shut him up?
What does David assume someone 'smeared on the gusset'?He must have brought that especially
What is Neil's fiance's name?I'll be bloody married by then
What bike does the swinger that Gareth met at Chasers drive?Love all that
What is David's biggest disappointment?It's rubbish
How old is David's picture on the front of 'Inside Paper' magazine?Photogenic, sort of natural
Except for army questions, Gareth has quiz questions on the Suez Canal and what?Loads
'If you show up in _______, with Richard Blackwood on your arm...'And not in a racist way
Whose Father is the actor that plays the janitor/handyman that stares at the camera?So that's what makes them a bit bulbous

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