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Set of 3 (CAPS is Odd One Out)...Explanation
KOMODO DRAGON, sparrow, TyrannosaurusBirds evolved from dinosaurs, so the sparrow and T. rex are closer to each other than to the Komodo dragon (a lizard). [Dinosauria]
koala, opossum, PANDAThe koala and opossum are both marsupials, leaving the panda, a placental mammal, as the odd one out. [Marsupialia]
chimp, GORILLA, humanThough chimps and gorillas look similar, genetic research has shown chimps are closer to humans than to gorillas. [Hominini]
horseshoe crab, LOBSTER, spiderThe horseshoe crab isn't a true crab and is more closely related to spiders than to lobsters, which are crustaceans. [Chelicerata]
clam, CRAB, octopusThe clam and octopus are both mollusks, like snails and squid, so the crab, a crustacean, is the odd one out here. [Mollusca]
beaver, kangaroo, PLATYPUSThe beaver (a placental mammal) and the kangaroo (a marsupial) are closer to each other than to the platypus, an egg-laying monotreme. [Theria]
BAT, bird, pterosaurPterosaurs are closely related to dinosaurs, from which birds evolved, leaving the mammalian bat as the odd one out. [Avemetatarsalia/Ornithodira]
elephant, manatee, WHALEManatees and whales evolved their aquatic lifestyles independently; manatees and elephants share a more recent ancestor than either has with whales. [Paenungulata/Uranotheria]
amoeba, BACTERIUM, pigThe amoeba and pig are both eukaryotes (meaning their cells have nuclei), while bacteria are prokaryotes and lack cell nuclei. [Eukaryota]
otter, SEAL, skunkThe otter and seal look sort of alike, but otters and skunks share scent glands which link them closer to each other than to seals. [Musteloidea]
goldfish, SHARK, turtleThe goldfish and turtle both have bony skeletons; the shark's skeleton is made of cartilage. [Osteichthyes/Teleostomi]
HIPPO, rhino, zebraRhinos and zebra are odd-toed hoofed mammals, separate from even-toed hoofed mammals like cows, camels, and hippos. [Perissodactyla]
OSTRICH, penguin, robinThe penguin and ostrich evolved flightlessness separately; the penguin's ancestors were flying seabirds more similar to other flying birds like robins. [Neognathae]
cat, DOG, hyenaThe hyena is a weird animal, but molecular and morphological studies show that it's more closely related to cats than to dogs. [Feliformia]
Set of 3 (CAPS is Odd One Out)...Explanation
ant, bee, FLYBees and flies can both fly, but ants and bees are closer biological relatives. [Hymenoptera]
raccoon, TIGER, walrusMeat-eating mammals (Carnivora) are split into two groups, one closer to dogs and one closer to cats. Raccoons as well as seals (and their kin, like walruses) are on the dog side. [Caniformia]
LIZARD, newt, toadThe newt and toad are both amphibians, while the lizard is a reptile. [Amphibia]
coral, rat, SPONGESponges are the simplest animals, meaning even animals like coral (a jellyfish relative) are closer to rats than sponges. [Eumetazoa]
FERN, grass, oak treeFerns have no seeds, unlike grass and oak trees, leaving the fern as the odd one out. [Spermatophyta]
armadillo, PORCUPINE, slothArmadillos and sloths (and anteaters) form a group of mammals linked by their unusual vertebral joints; the porcupine is a rodent like mice and squirrels. [Xenarthra]
cow, dolphin, DONKEYThough you wouldn't think it to look at them, dolphins and whales evolved from hoofed animals more closely related to cows than horses and donkeys. [Cetartiodactyla]
alligator, chicken, SNAKEAlligators and crocodiles belong to a group of reptiles called archosaurs, which also includes dinosaurs and their bird descendants. Snakes evolved from lizards, which are not archosaurs. [Archosauria]
DUCK, eagle, sea gullGenetic research shows that fowl (like ducks and chickens) belong to a separate lineage from most other flying birds, including seabirds and birds of prey. [Neoaves]
lungfish, monkey, TUNAThe clue here is the word 'lung' in lungfish. Monkeys and lungfish both have lungs, while tuna do not. [Sarcopterygii]
SQUID, squirrel, starfishStrangely, echinoderms like starfish and sea urchins are more closely related to vertebrates, like squirrels, than to other invertebrates, like squid. [Deuterostomia]
MOSS, mouse, mushroomAnimals and fungi lack the ability that plants have to make their own food by photosynthesis and must eat other living things to survive. This leaves moss the odd one out. [Opisthokonta]
FISH, frog, lionFrog and lions are both tetrapods, meaning they have four legs, something which fish of course lack. [Tetrapoda]

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