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Can you name the MLB players with the most career home runs BELOW Average (HRBA)?

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(WARNING!!! This quiz may be challenging because some of the player names are relatively obscure.) ------ Home runs above average (HRAA) is a fun little stat I cooked up. For each season, a player's HRAA = HR - AB*LgHR/LgAB. When compared to the league average, home runs are "worth" less in high-HR eras, and more in low-HR eras. The career total for a player is found by adding up each season total. ------ Home runs BELOW average (HRBA) is simply the inverse of HRAA (e.g., -100 HRAA = 100 HRBA). Players with a lot of HRBA generally played in high-HR eras and had many at bats but little power. ------ Actual career HR and AB appear in parentheses. Data is from 1876-2015. Team listed for a player is the one on which he played the most games. An asterisk (*) indicates a HOFer. Press F11 if you can't see the whole quiz.
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HRBAPlayer (HR, AB)Team (Years)
242CLE (1989-2012)
209FLA (2000-2013)
188PHI (1948-1962)*
183CHW (1947-1965)*
177STL (1978-1996)*
174SEA (2001-2015)
173CHW (1956-1973)*
172FLA (1996-2010)
163CHW (1985-2000)
158KCR (1976-1994)
158PHI (1970-1985)
158PIT (1996-2010)
156LAD (1959-1972)
154PIT (1952-1967)
149CHC (1964-1979)
148LAD (1981-1997)
148TOR (1976-1993)
144NYY (1975-1992)
140TEX (1986-2004)
137BOS (1982-1999)*
135CIN (1963-1986)
131CHC (1991-2005)
130ATL (1983-1999)
125LAD (1953-1966)
124LAD (1995-2010)
123MIN (1967-1985)*
123STL (1955-1966)
121OAK (1964-1983)
121CIN (1952-1964)
121TOR (1983-2001)
119ANA (2001-2010)
119CLE (1991-2007)
118HOU (1989-2006)
HRBAPlayer (HR, AB)Team (Years)
118ARI (1993-2006)
117STL (1945-1963)*
115LAD (2001-2013)
114PHI (1998-2013)
113CHW (1987-2000)
113LAD (1990-2005)
112HOU (1993-2010)
110MON (1997-2011)
110BAL (1965-1982)
110LAA (2002-2014)
110MIL (1976-1992)
109NYY (1955-1966)
108SFG (1991-2007)
108CIN (1951-1966)
107STL (1996-2011)
106BOS (1929-1948)
106LAD (1969-1986)
106MIN (1999-2010)
106MIL (1995-2009)
106CHW (1981-1995)
106PHI (1958-1976)
104SEA (1983-1994)
104COL (1992-2006)
103BOS (1947-1962)
103STL (1985-1997)
103WSH (1951-1964)
102MON (1970-1985)
102MIL (1995-2011)
101LAD (1981-1994)
101OAK (1987-2000)
101STL (1982-1999)
100KCR (1991-2004)
100CHW (1930-1950)*

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