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Hyper-intelligent shade of the color blue
Small blue creatures of Viltvodle VI with more than 50 arms each, invented aerosol deoderant before the wheel, believe in the Great Green Arkleseizure
Of the star system Pansel, all died of famine except one, who dies two weeks later from cholesterol poisoning
Evolved into Bird People without names and live in the ear of a 15-mile-high statue of Arthur Dent
Confined entire population to one oglanut tree
Second most intelligent species on Earth
Small, yellow, leech-like, and probably the oddest thing in the universe, feeds on brainwave energy and translates foreign languages when stuck in one's ear
Useful two-thirds of population sends useless third of the population away to a distant planet (Earth), only to die due to a plague contracted from a dirty telephone
Of Lamuella, surprised by oridnary events, but ignore unusual events
Best cooks and best drink mixers in the galaxy
Monitor the Earth from Rupert because they forgot their purpose in life after their ship was struck by an asteroid, causing them to forget everything
Officiously bureaucratic, evolution gave up on them as soon as they crawled out of the sea, third worst poets in the galaxy
Only animal native to NowWhat, their language consists of biting each other very hard on the thigh
Of the planet Broop Kidron Thirteen, had a saying similar to Earth's 'the grass is always greener,' and became very happy with life because they did not have a word for unhappiness
Of Striterax, insanely aggressive, asked Hactar to design the ultimate weapon
Of Kakrafoon Kappa, sentenced to telepathy by Galactic Tribunal and forced to talk nonstop to avoid transmitting their thoughts
Of Damogran, uses the first two pages of Zaphod's speech for a nest, wants nothing to do with survival of the species
Species similar to humans, but do not breathe and have no hopes, dreams, or desires
Majestic creatures that once roamed Brequinda, but were killed off for making burgers because they bit and burned those who did not revere them
Beautiful creatures from Vogsphere, although Vogons smash their shells with iron mallets for meat
Created and sold custom-built planets, most notably the Earth
Friendly, dim-witted, and docile creatures of Sqornshellous Zeta, all named Zem
One species from a distant galaxy on the brink of war when the phrase 'I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle' fills the air, later swallowed by a small dog
Race whose lifespan flows backwards in linear time
Quiet, polite, and charming creatures surrounded by a black cloud and decide the rest of the universe must go, start deadliest war in galactic history
More or less led by Old Thrashbarg, priest to Almighty Bob, enjoy sandwiches
Methane-breathing life forms who send two policmen to Magrathea, only to die when Marvin makes the ship commit suicide
Of Vicissitus Three, have the most impatient chromosomes in the galaxy, evolve almost instantaneously
Superintelligent pan-dimiensional beings, ordered construction of the Earth to discover the Question to the Ultimate Answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything
This species encountered a famine, their king died, and the entire population went on a 3 year holiday. The planet has reached 'one whole joo-joo-flop situation'
Species from which Ford Prefect and Zaphod Beeblebrox are established, live 200 years longer than humans
Ferociously dangerous creature from Traal, so mind-bogglingly stupid that it believes that if you can not see it, it can not see you
Of Arkintoofle Minor, built spaceships powered by bad news
Migrate across the Anhondo Plain on Lamuella twice a year, make good sandwiches
It will take less than 30 ______ dollars a day to see the wonders of the universe
Still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea
'_______'s great, Okay,' known for liqueurs and wines

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