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Lollipop from HogsmeadeA
Teaches Muggle Studies (last name)B
Amycus _____C
Class that had many teachersD
One of the Deathly HallowsE
Hagrid's dog (NOT the three-headed one)F
Used to pick Triwizard ChampionsG
2nd Potions professor H
Pepper _____ candyI
Author of Harry Potter novelsJ
Triwizard Champion: Viktor _____K
Harry Potter's motherL
Non-magic folkM
Opposite spell of the spell 'Lumos'N
Hermione's PatronusO
If you are able to speak to snakes, you speak _____ P
Professor for Defense Against the Dark ArtsQ
Founder of Ravenclaw (first name)R
One of the Hogwarts HousesS
Nymphadora _____T
What Hagrid's wand isU
Evil Dark LordV
Magic FolkW
First name of Loony Luna Lovegood's fatherX
One of the Death EatersY
Blaise _____ (one of the members of the Slug Club)Z

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