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What is Neo's real name?
What is Neo told to follow when he first receives a message on his computer?
Who plays Trinity?
Who plays Agent Smith?
What colour pill does Neo take?
Who betrays the crew?
Rage Against The Machine plays over the end credits of the original Matrix. Name the song.
Who is holding the Keymaker captive in The Matrix Reloaded?
And what is the name of that character's wife?
Who does Agent Smith possess at the end of The Matrix Reloaded?
What name was given to the gigantic playground battle between Neo and an army of Agent Smiths?
Which film in the trilogy made the most money with $741 million taken worldwide?
Name the creator of The Matrix.
True or False: The Oracle was played by two different actresses.
Neo is in limbo at the start of The Matrix Revolutions. What form does this take?
Name the squid-like machines that hunt our heroes throughout the series.
What actor famously turned down the role of Neo?
Name the Captain who heroically lost his life in the Battle for Zion.
And who ultimately saves the day?
Who will direct The Matrix 4?

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