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Can you identify the facts about early American foreign policy?

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Who wrote the 'black legends,' making people reconsider policy towards Native Americans?
What event was the culmination of tension (proliferated by New World piracy) between Spain and England?
What was the first proposition for colonial independence (1754)?
The Pickney Treaty established amiable trade and travel between the new US and what country?
The Quasi-War, Americas first unofficial armed conflict, was fought as a result of what diplomatic disaster?
Who, because of their readiness to go to war in 1812, was dubbed a 'war hawk?' (Multiple answers apply)
What famously late treaty brought the two combatants back to 'status quo ante bellum,' or back to the relationship that they had before the war?
Which early president's legacy is generally defined by an effect on foreign policy?
What treaty gave the land we now know as Florida to the US?
The Indian Removal Act mandated that the Seminole, the Chickasaw, and the Choctaw move to what present day state?

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