Marine Mammal Vocabulary Quiz

Can you name these important terms based on each clue?

The _____ fin is located on the back of an animal such as a dolphin or whale.
_____ are the family of mammals that includes seals, sea lions, and walruses.
The grooves on the underside of a rorqual whales belly are called _____ _____.
The _____ is where the tail connects to the narrow part of the body.
Whales, dolphins, and porpoises are all _____.
When a whale feeds at the surface with its mouth open above the surface it is called _____ _____.
When a seal or sea lion comes onto shore to dry off and rest it is called _____ _____.
_____ is used by rorqual whales, right whales, and gray whales for feeding.
The valuable material from the stomach of a Sperm Whale used in perfume is called _____.
When a whale jumps completely out of the water it is called a _____.
A baby seal or sea lion is called a _____.
A group of dolphins can be referred to as a herd, school, or ___.
When a whale lifts its tail out of the water on a dive it is called a _____.
Humpback Whales have by far the longest _______ fins of any whale.
Fishing gear _____ kills 300,000 dolphins whales and porpoises every year.
_____ _____are present on a newborn dolphin or whale because of how they were curled in the womb.
A baby whale, dolphin, or porpoise is called a ____.
_____ is a common form of camouflage pattern for dolphins that disguises them from above and below.
Sea Otters are in the family of animals called _____ which include weasels and badgers.
The organ responsible for echolocation in toothed whales is called the _____.
Sirenians are the family of marine mammals that include the Florida _____.
_____ is a thick layer of fat used by whales to provide insulation in cold seas.
When a whale pokes its head straight up out of the water to look above the surface it is called a ________.
_____ was the art form that whalers would apply onto the teeth of sperm whales.
A_____ is when a fur seal touches its pectoral flipper to its back foot.
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