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Who was the passanger in the taxi cab that Kate stole
Who saved Charlie's life
What did Jin find in the van
Where did Bernard come back from
Who did Sawyer get to stay behind with him while burying Juliet
According to Hugo what does he know how to use
What did Juliet want to tell Sawyer before she died
Sawyer asks the security guard what's a
What of John Locke's did Oceanic lose
Who love's Hugo's Mr Cluck's Chicken ads
Who does Jack sounds like a smart man
Who broke the Ankh
Where does Kate wake up
How many people did the smoke monster kill
What does Cindy give to Jack on the plane
Who kicks Jack down into the crater where the Swan hatch use to be
What is in the guitar case that Hugo has been carrying around
Kate doesn't get to use what
What did Hugo win
Who steals Jack's pen
Whose body does Richard show Ben
Who asks Jack if this is his seat
Who told Hugo to go to The Temple
Who kicks the airplane door in
In the foot of the statue who was the last person to be killed by the smoke monster

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