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Forced Order
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Name of Dante's great, great grandfather
This man made Dante confident enough to ask to see his human face.
Name the color of the fifth sphere
The new wheel of souls is (inferior/superior) to the first wheel
A major controversy discussed in Paradise is the __________ of the church.
This famous philosopher and theologian appears in the sphere of the sun.
This man took Dante in when he was exiled from Florence
Divine Justice is so complex that even this fallen soul cannot comprehend it.
Dante invokes who to help him remember the letter spelled out by the souls?
Dante will be exiled due to a plot concerning this religious figure
Dante sees souls in saturn climbing up and down this
The 3 theologoical ___________ descended from heaven to baptize Ripheus.
Saint Bonaventure praises the life of Saint Dominic, and Thomas Aquinas praises the life of who?
All Alighieri men hate this modern city.
Which soul mentioned in Jupiter was questioned by Dante for being in heaven and was let back into his body to die a second time?
The spirits in the sphere of Jupiter form the shape of this animal
According to St. Thomas, this king possesses perfect mortal wisdom
When Dante looks at this souls, all his worries are forgotten.
Name the color of the sixth sphere.
Dante asks the eagle for clarification on this subject.
In the fifth sphere, Dante is curious about the details of Florence's _____________.
This leader had followers that included one-fifth of the entire Florentine population
Dante runs into this monk turned abbot turned cardinal in saturn
He preached against heresy, was a messenger of Christ, and in latin, his name means the Lord.
Beatrice and Dante fly up this to get to the eighth heaven.
The sphere of saturn is also known as __________
the Crown is a constellation shaped after this man's daughter.
What kind of mixing does it say is the root of evil in Florence?
This soul answers Dante's questions abut the unity of souls with their bodies after Judgment Day
In this sphere, Dante runs into his great, great grandfather

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