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Can you name the Harry Potter magical creatures?

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ClueCreatureFirst Appearence
AzkabanPrisoner of Azkaban
Weasley atticUnknown
PeevesSorcerer's Stone
Hogwarts kitchenChamber of Secrets
Silver/White bloodSorcerer's Stone
'Filthy halfbreed'Sorcerer's Stone
'You can only see them if you've seen death'Order of the Phoenix
Born from it's ashesChamber of Secrets
Toad on a chicken eggChamber of Secrets
ClueCreatureFirst Appearence
'Very proud creatures'Prisoner of Azkaban
Hagrid always wanted oneSorcerer's Stone
The Irish Quidditch team mascotGoblet of Fire
The Bulgarian Quidditch team mascotGoblet of Fire
You have to play music to call him downSorcerer's Stone
Each house has oneSorcerer's Stone
AragogChamber of Secrets
Takes the shape of what a person fears the mostPrisoner of Azkaban
Full MoonPrisoner of Azkaban

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