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Can you name the the things from Friends using the clues (A-Z)?

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Joey's occupation
The second place Rachel works after Central Perk
Monica marries________
Joey's days of our lives character
Ross's 2nd ex-wife's name
What Ross can't do with the pizza girl
Emma's last name
Joey's peguin's name
Joey's ethnicity
In seaon 1, Rachel constantly looks for a_____
Chandler's old rommate
Phoebe's mom's name
Monica's fake name in 'The One With the Fake Monica'
Where Phoebe takes literacy classes at
Barry's profession
Ursula's sister, Frank Jr's sister, Chandler's Aunt
Rachel wants two other girls at work to ____ smoking
Monica's boyfriend and her parents friend
Ben's stepmom
Joey's last name
Lily's other daughter
Monica uses a dust buster to clean her ______
Carol's last name
What Rachel gets on her ankle
'How ___ doin?'
Rachel's boss (Ralph Lauren)

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