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Basic form of life?
C6H12O6 + 6 O2 → 6 CO2 + 6 H2O (What is this process?)
Both alleles of a set are identical (AA or aa)
Second part of photosynthesis (cycle?)
Second part of cellular respiration (cycle?)
RNA is translated into..
Gregor mendel used what plants in his famous experiment?
What are spliced out during RNA editing?
Longest phase of cell cycle is...
When gram-staining 'gram-negative bacteria, they turn what color?
Name one stop codon
What amino acid does the start codon code for?
What popular bacterium have scientists most commonly manipulated for microbiology purposes?
What is the most common cycle of viral reproduction called?
Segmentation is a common example of what kind of evolution?
Transport tissue for water in vascular plants is...
Pore in the leaf primarily for gas exchange.
Turner syndrome is a result of what sex chromosome makeup?
What phylum is Patrick Star in?
A dense, inactivated X chromosome is called
The exoskeleton of arthropods consists of what polysaccharide?
Yeast are in what kingdom?
A transversion mutation is caused by a pyrimidine switching with a..
DNA methylation typically occurs on what nucleotide?
What bacteria obtain energy through photosynthesis?
Viruses primarily undergo horizontal gene transfer through a process called...
The failure of chromosome pairs to properly separate during meiosis is called?
What kind of blotting is used to detect specific proteins?
What hormone raises blood calcium level in the body?
What disaccharide binds to the LacI repressor in the lac operon mechanism?
HIV stands for..
Hemoglobin is attached to what other core element while it binds to oxygen?
What kind of DNA is made in vitro using mRNA as a template and the enzyme reverse transcriptase?
Schwann cells are coated in what?
What component/part of the virion directly attaches to other cells for recognition?

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