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LetterAnswerHint #2
Aname of movie with two types of aliens in it
Btype of treat
Dmy name
EOld Cartoonetwork show
FMale name
GThe movie where they catch Ghosts
Hwhat women/men are
Iwhat u are
Jfinish the sentence; 'my name is Bond,________ Bond.'
Ksomething that u fly in the sky
Lfirst name of President Johnson
Mone of ur British parents
LetterAnswerHint #2
Ncountry in Africa
OFamous Black Woman
PAmerican money
QCanadian Captial
RCartoon Hunting
SUS Navy ___________
Tthis word is in this sentence
UName of Planet
VFemale Name
Wwhat is in every liquid
XAnother name for Aliens
Ztype of animal

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