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Forced Order
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What is the name of the agent who hunts the Fox River 8?
Who re-attaches T-bag's hand?
Who is the first of the Fox River Eight to be killed?
Who attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings with Sara?
Where is Charles' money?
What does T-bag do with the map after memorizing it?
Who does Mahone capture while this person is getting supplies?
How does Sara's father die?
Who ends up with the money after the convicts dig it up?
Name of the man whom Mahone killed after he had evaded Mahone for years?
Name of Lincoln's father?
Name of the renedevous point?
Who is arrested for Geary's murder?
Which former government agent shoots Mahone?
What does Steadman do instead of revealing himself to the public?
Name of the agency that wants Lincoln killed?
Who does Mahone convince to commit suicide?
Who helps Michael get the flash drive from the cigar store?
Who does Mahone give a noose to?
After promising to pardon Lincoln what does President Reynolds do instead?
Which city in central America do the men flee to?
What is the name of Michael's ship in Panama?
Who kills agent Kim?
After being captured by Panamanian police where is Michael sent?

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