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QUIZ: Can you name the Prison Break Season 1 Trivia?

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Forced Order
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Name of Michael's cell mate?
Drug Michael uses to seem diabetic?
What Michael uses to test Sucre?
Name of man helping Veronica free Lincoln?
Name of man Michael uses to blackmail Abruzzi?
Image Michael uses to begin drilling holes in the wall?
Who murders the hostage guard?
Who is Charles Westmoreland?
What does Abruzzi run in the prison?
Who forces his way onto PI by finding the pieces of the hole?
Who helps Michael steal back his watch?
Abruzzi has visions of what after his men kill a child?
What is the name of the prison?
What does Michael use to make the electric chair malfunction?
How does Michael lose some of his tattoo?
Who helps Michael recover the piece of his tattoo?
Who is framed for Michael's burn?
Who finds the hole after Tweener tells him?
Who does Michael ask to leave the infirmary door open?
Who dies just before the escape?
Who's hand is cut off by Abruzzi?

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