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Who is the only player to ever score 100 points in a basketball game? a) Kobe Bryant b) Wilt Chamberlain c) Kareem Abdul Jabbar d) Michael Jordan?
Which of these teams have never won a Super Bowl? a) Patriots b) Raiders c) Browns d)Broncos?
How many times have the Yankees won the World Series? a) 10 b) 27 c) 19 d) 31?
Who holds the record for most career hits? a) Pete Rose b) Babe Ruth c) Barry Bonds d) Ted Williams?
When was the last time the US won the soccer World Cup? a) 2006 b) 1990 c) 1942 d) never?
Which of these players holds the record for most all-star appearances? a) Kobe Bryant b) Shaquille O'neal c) Jerry West d) Kareem Abdul Jabbar?
Who holds the record for most Grand Slam singles titles? a) Roger Federer b) Andre Agassi c) Bjorn Borg d) Pete Sampras?
When was the last time Michael Jordan won a NBA championship? a) 1998 b) 1997 c) 1996 d) 1995?
Where were the 2000 Olympics held? a) Athens b) Atlanta c) Sydney d) Barcelona?
Who is in the top 2 for career walks and runs? a) Babe Ruth b) Barry Bonds c) Ricky Henderson d) Ted Williams?
Who won the only Super Bowl ever decided by one point? a) Bills b) Steelers c) Giants d) Colts?
Who was the last team to score over 50 points in a Super Bowl? a) Cowboys b) Giants c) Rams d) Raiders?

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