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Answer all of the questions on the subject of DC Fifa.

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DC Fifa's reign began in?
What was DC Fifa's first video?
What is DC's slogan?
What does DC need from the whole bloody nation?
What is DC's most popular sport?
What is the title of DC's hit single?
Name both of DC's Rants
What is the name of the deadly chilli DC eats?
Differentiate DR
How many times have DC said OMG?
What is the purpose of Daves Insanity Sauce?
Name 4 other DC's
According to one of DC's thumbnails what will his mum do?
What is DC Fifa's Nemesis?
What is Britains most second popular sport?
What does DC stand for?
What does FIFA stand for?
What does DC Junior need to spit out?
What can DC do?
On a scale of 1/10 what is DC's favourite colour of the alphabet?
I don't even know how far we will.......go
What fake sunglasses does DC have?
What is the one one poster DC has in his room?
Did DC eat a raw egg?
Is DC Dead?

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