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Shall we get started? The key is to jump on easy question....
Who directed the My way home?
1st episode name? (pilot)
Smallest member of Hibbleton?
Opening theme was written by?
The Girlfriend JD never breaks up with?
Carla's latest arrival time?
What did JD name the possum?
JDs dream job?
Who is Dr. Splotchy?
What does Spence do as a job?
Dr Cox's pager number?
What character does Michael.J.Fox play?
Who was JD's character named after?
Song played at Ben's Funeral?
Dr Cox is like house but without the..?
Who plays Vaaan?
Which of Jd's girlfriends shares his favourite drink?
Which artist has his one of his songs playing at the first and last episode of a season 2?
I'll only respond to Doc, Doctor, Caesar or..?
What song plays as Aloma Wright dies?
Turk is 1/8th, of what race?
Elliot's first line
Name of the horse that JD had to put down?
How many episodes in season 4?
Where's the fuzzy cover for my one wood?
Priest Sulu is at which Church?
What was Todd's pick up line for the spanish chicks?
The drug that Alex stole?
How can Sean grow a beard in 4 days?
Who plays Billy Callahan?
How much were the worthless peons paid for the wedding?
What was JD's present for Turk and Carla's wedding?
What is the name of JD's victory dance coach?
What rank did Dr. Kelso graduate?
In what season did Dr. Cox and Jordan get divorced?
What is 'Grill Face's' real name?
Who's business is 'Honesty'?
What is the name of the bartender who drinks the 'tinis himself?
Which part of Ohio did Jd grow up in?
How many His/Her story episodes are there?
Which season is 'My Missed Perception' from?
Name of JDs Kite flying team?
What planet had no hippocratic oath?
Roughly how much of Dr. Beardfacé's face is beard?
The first girls name Dr. Cox uses for JD?
What flavour smoothie does Turk wanna get?
Which member of Ted's Band wanted to go solo?
What does Turks number spell?
It's called pop and lock not pop and...?

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