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Actor (Year)AnswerActor (Year)
Alec Baldwin (1990)Jake Gyllenhaal (1999)
Robert Redford (1976)Will Smith (1997)
Zach Braff (2004)Russell Crowe (2009)
Robert Carlyle (1997)Graham Chapman (1975)
Wesley Snipes (1991)Drew Barrymore (2005)
Sidney Poitier (1967)Michael Keaton (1982)
Sean Connery (1963)Colin Firth (2003)
Marilyn Monroe (1959)Simon Pegg (2007)
Sean Astin (2003)Fay Wray (1933)
Hugh Hefner (2009)Morgan Freeman (2005)
Vince Vaughn (2003)Jack Black (2003)
Adam Sandler (2002)Diane Lane (2008)
Actor (Year)AnswerActor (Year)
Robin Wright (1987)Boris Karloff (1935)
Mandy Moore (2002)Denzel Washington (2000)
Tom Cruise (2001)Angelina Jolie (2004)
Catherine Zeta-Jones (2004)Bruce Willis (1995)
Brad Pitt (1998)Samuel L. Jackson (2006)
Freddie Prinze Jr. (2001)Leonardo DiCaprio (2002)
Emile Hirsch (2007)Tim Allen (2007)
Whoopi Goldberg (1985)Prince (1984)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (1977)Robert Downey Jr. (2008)
Cameron Diaz (1998)Julie Andrews (1964)
Robert De Niro (1980)Kevin Costner (1988)
Nia Vardalos (2002)Owen Wilson (2005)

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