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Perrin's Body GuardA
Tormentor of Rand's dreamsB
Rand's second advisorC
The game of housesD
The new Amyrlin SeatE
Where the horn was first sounded.F
Birgitte's loverG
Central Council of the Aes SedaiH
Host city for the Great Hunt of the HornI
Legendary storyteller.J
11th book in the seriesK
Once a false DragonL
Name assumed by MorgaseM
Wife of the Lord of the Seven TowersN
Loial is one of theseO
Where the Hall of the Servents was locatedP
Name of Basel Gill's InnQ
One of the five great captains (First Name)R
Black specks that float across your eyes when you use the true power.S
The Two Rivers is famous for thisT
Aes Sedai of the Brown AjahV
9th book in the Wheel of TimeW
Another false DragonY
Faile Bashere's first nameZ

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