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Change in speed or velocity
Rubbing force that acts against motion
Object's tendency to resist a change in motion
A change in an object's position
Is a reference to movement of an object
Rate of change of an object's position
Speed with a direction
All forces are equal, no change in motion
Forces are not balanced, causes motion
Unit of measurement of force
Point that is used to determine motion of an object
The overall or resulting force
A push or pull acting on an object
Straight line between where an object begins and ends
The total path an object moves
9.8 m/s^2
The energy of motion
Energy of position, based on height
Distance from the resting point to the crest/trough
The highest point of a wave
A medium is not required for these waves to travel
Number of complete waves per unit of time
Measured unit of wave frequency
A wave that travels parallel to the resting position
A wave that requires a medium
A substance in which a wave travels through
Resting point of a wave, no wave movement
A wave that travels perpendicular to the resting position
Lowest point of a wave
A travelling disturbance that carries energy from one place to another
The distance between two crests/troughs
The spliting of a nucleus into smaller fragments
Combining smaller nuclei to make larger ones
The total energy of all the particles in a substance
A measure of the amount of thermal energy in an object
A process where heat moves from one place to another
Heat transfer from one substance to another through direct contact
Energy that is transmitted through an 'empty' space
Transfer of thermal energy by the circulation of a liquid or gas
The bouncing back of waves
The 'bending' of waves
The unit of energy
Energy cannot be created or destroyed but changes from one form to another

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