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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Black Ops 2's multiplayer?

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Which SMG has the highest close range damage in the game?
Which scorestreak is worth exactly 1300 points?
True or False: The Semtex grenade has a larger lethal explosive radius than the Frag Grenade.
A 'Brutal' medal is earned by getting how many non-scorestreak kills without dying?
True or False: Tactical Mask will make you nearly immune to EMP grenades.
True or False: When the Select Fire attachment is used on the SWAT-556, it reduces the weapon's range by more than half.
On which optical attachment can you unlock the 'Hall of Flame' reticle?
True or False: The FAL DSW has a faster maximum rate of fire than the Five-seven
The emblems 0-9 are unlocked when you reach what level?
True or False: When in a Hardcore game, the player's health is set to 50 (half of normal Core health).

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