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QUIZ: Can you name the Brantley Watson trivia?

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Father's Name
Professional Who Calls Him In The Office
Favorite Newspaper Section
Favorite Stanford Women's Basketball Player
Favorite Coach
Object Most Often Requested
Favorite NBA Player
Most Often Told To 'Sit Down!'
Favorite Genre of Women
Favorite Footwear #1
Favorite Footwear #2
Favorite Punctuation
Rahim Moore is a:
Best Hat:
Complete the quote: 'I don't know the rules of:..'
Complete the quote: 'There are three colors on this page:...'
Favorite Gymnast:
Favorite Women's Tennis Player:
IM Basketball Team Name
Girl He Brought Into the Office
Because there are women in Westwood, he doesn't need to go here:
Most Admired Sport
(Blank) Nation!

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