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Can you name every player (including prelim players) at the 2017 PDC World Darts Championship?

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Round Knocked OutPlayerLost Against
Prelim RoundKim Viljanen
Prelim RoundDragutin Horvat
Prelim RoundZoran Lerchbacher
Prelim RoundCorey Cadby
Prelim RoundDavid Platt
Prelim RoundTengku Shah
Prelim RoundJerry Hendriks
Prelim RoundKevin Simm
First RoundMichael van Gerwen
First RoundCristo Reyes
First RoundDarren Webster
First RoundSimon Whitlock
First RoundMensur Suljovic
First RoundMark Webster
First RoundRobert Thornton
First RoundDaryl Gurney
First RoundAdrian Lewis
First RoundJoe Cullen
First RoundRaymond van Barneveld
First RoundAlan Norris
First RoundPhil Taylor
First RoundKevin Painter
First RoundKim Huybrechts
First RoundMax Hopp
Round Knocked OutPlayerLost Against
First RoundGary Anderson
First RoundAndrew Gilding
First RoundBenito van de Pas
First RoundTerry Jenkins
First RoundDave Chisnall
First RoundChris Dobey
First RoundJelle Klaasen
First RoundBrendan Dolan
First RoundJames Wade
First RoundSteve Beaton
First RoundMichael Smith
First RoundMervyn King
First RoundPeter Wright
First RoundIan White
First RoundJonny Clayton
Second RoundMichael van Gerwen
Second RoundDarren Webster
Second RoundMark Webster
Second RoundDaryl Gurney
Second RoundAdrian Lewis
Second RoundRaymond van Barneveld
Second RoundPhil Taylor
Second RoundKim Huybrechts
Second RoundGary Anderson
Round Knocked OutPlayerLost Against
Second RoundBenito van de Pas
Second RoundDave Chisnall
Second RoundJelle Klaasen
Second RoundJames Wade
Second RoundMichael Smith
Second RoundPeter Wright
Second RoundIan White
Third RoundMichael van Gerwen
Third RoundDaryl Gurney
Third RoundRaymond van Barneveld
Third RoundPhil Taylor
Third RoundGary Anderson
Third RoundDave Chisnall
Third RoundJames Wade
Third RoundPeter Wright
Quarter FinalsMichael van Gerwen
Quarter FinalsRaymond van Barneveld
Quarter FinalsGary Anderson
Quarter FinalsPeter Wright
Semi FinalsGary Anderson
Semi FinalsMichael van Gerwen
FinalMichael van Gerwen

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