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Can you name the teams that have beaten Newcastle United at St James' Park in all competitions (excluding penalty shootouts) Since 2000?

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Date of MatchTeam Lost AgainstCompetition
4/03/2000Carling Premiership (0-1)
15/04/2000Carling Premiership (0-2)
23/09/2000Carling Premiership (0-1)
21/10/2000Carling Premiership (0-1)
18/11/2000Carling Premiership (1-2)
24/02/2001Carling Premiership (0-1)
17/03/2001Carling Premiership (1-2)
30/09/2001Barclaycard Premiership (0-2)
21/10/2001Barclaycard Premiership (0-2)
29/12/2001Barclaycard Premiership (1-2)
2/03/2002Barclaycard Premiership (0-2)
11/09/2002Barclaycard Premiership (0-2)
24/09/2002UEFA Champions League 1st Phase Group Match 2 (0-1)
27/11/2002UEFA Champions League 2nd Phase Group Match 1 (1-4)
19/03/2003UEFA Champions League 2nd Phase Group Match 6 (0-2)
12/04/2003Barclaycard Premiership (2-6)
23/08/2003Barclaycard Premiership (1-2)
27/08/2003UEFA Champions League 3rd Qualifying Round 2nd Leg (0-1)
30/08/2003Barclaycard Premiership (0-1)
29/10/2003Carling Cup 3rd Round (1-2)
28/12/2003Barclaycard Premiership (0-1)
21/08/2004Barclays Premiership (0-1)
7/11/2004Barclays Premiership (1-4)
10/11/2004Carling Cup 4th Round (0-2)
14/11/2004Barclays Premiership (1-3)
29/12/2004Barclays Premiership (0-1)
2/04/2005Barclays Premiership (0-3)
3/08/2005UEFA Intertoto Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg (1-2)
28/08/2005Barclays Premiership (0-2)
21/01/2006Barclays Premiership (0-1)
19/03/2006Barclays Premiership (1-3)
9/09/2006Barclays Premiership (1-2)
15/10/2006Barclays Premiership (1-2)
4/11/2006Barclays Premiership (0-1)
20/12/2006Carling Cup 5th Round (0-1)
17/01/2007FA Cup 3rd Round Replay (1-5)
31/03/2007Barclays Premiership (0-1)
5/05/2007Barclays Premiership (0-2)
3/11/2007Barclays Premier League (1-4)
24/11/2007Barclays Premier League (0-3)
2/01/2008Barclays Premier League (0-2)
23/02/2008Barclays Premier League (1-5)
1/03/2008Barclays Premier League (0-1)
5/05/2008Barclays Premier League (0-2)
Date of MatchTeam Lost AgainstCompetition
13/09/2008Barclays Premier League (1-2)
24/09/2008Carling Cup 3rd Round (1-2)
27/09/2008Barclays Premier League (1-2)
28/12/2008Barclays Premier League (1-5)
14/01/2009FA Cup 3rd Round Replay (0-1)
4/03/2009Barclays Premier League (1-2)
21/03/2009Barclays Premier League (1-3)
4/04/2009Barclays Premier League (0-2)
16/05/2009Barclays Premier League (0-1)
11/09/2010Barclays Premier League (0-2)
26/09/2010Barclays Premier League (1-2)
27/10/2010Carling Cup 4th Round (0-4)
10/11/2010Barclays Premier League (1-2)
26/12/2010Barclays Premier League (1-3)
5/03/2011Barclays Premier League (1-2)
3/12/2011Barclays Premier League (0-3)
21/12/2011Barclays Premier League (2-3)
6/05/2012Barclays Premier League (0-2)
7/10/2012Barclays Premier League (0-3)
11/11/2012Barclays Premier League (0-1)
17/11/2012Barclays Premier League (1-2)
15/12/2012Barclays Premier League (1-3)
2/02/2013Barclays Premier League (1-2)
19/01/2013Barclays Premier League (1-2)
14/04/2013Barclays Premier League (0-3)
27/04/2013Barclays Premier League (0-6)
19/05/2013Barclays Premier League (0-1)
21/09/2013Barclays Premier League (2-3)
30/10/2013Capital One Cup 4th Round (0-2)
29/12/2013Barclays Premier League (0-1)
4/01/2014FA Cup 3rd Round (1-2)
12/01/2014Barclays Premier League (0-2)
1/02/2014Barclays Premier League (0-3)
12/02/2014Barclays Premier League (0-4)
25/03/2014Barclays Premier League (0-3)
5/04/2014Barclays Premier League (0-4)
19/04/2014Barclays Premier League (1-2)
17/08/2014Barclays Premier League (0-2)
21/12/2014Barclays Premier League (0-1)
17/01/2015Barclays Premier League (1-2)
4/03/2015Barclays Premier League (0-1)
21/03/2015Barclays Premier League (1-2)
19/04/2015Barclays Premier League (1-3)
25/04/2015Barclays Premier League (2-3)
Date of MatchTeam Lost AgainstCompetition
29/08/2015Barclays Premier League (0-1)
19/09/2015Barclays Premier League (1-2)
23/09/2015Capital One Cup 3rd Round (0-1)
21/11/2015Barclays Premier League (0-3)
26/12/2015Barclays Premier League (0-1)
5/03/2016Barclays Premier League (1-3)
13/08/2016Sky Bet Championship (1-2)
17/09/2016Sky Bet Championship (0-2)
26/11/2016Sky Bet Championship (0-1)
26/12/2016Sky Bet Championship (0-1)
11/03/2017Sky Bet Championship (1-3)
17/08/2017Premier League (0-2)
23/08/2017Carabao Cup 2nd Round (2-3)
4/11/2017Premier League (0-1)
25/11/2017Premier League (0-3)
9/12/2017Premier League (2-3)
13/12/2017Premier League (0-1)
27/12/2017Premier League (0-1)
28/04/2018Premier League (0-1)
11/08/2018Premier League (1-2)
26/08/2018Premier League (1-2)
15/09/2018Premier League (1-2)
29/09/2018Premier League (0-2)
20/10/2018Premier League (0-1)
1/12/2018Premier League (0-3)
9/12/2018Premier League (1-2)
2/01/2019Premier League (0-2)
26/01/2019FA Cup 4th Round (0-2)
6/04/2019Premier League (0-1)
4/05/2019Premier League (2-3)
11/08/2019Premier League (0-1)
28/12/2019Premier League (1-2)
1/01/2020Premier League (0-3)
28/06/2020FA Cup Quarter Final (0-2)
15/07/2020Premier League (1-3)
26/07/2020Premier League (1-3)
20/09/2020Premier League (0-3)
17/10/2020Premier League (1-4)
21/11/2020Premier League (0-2)
3/01/2021Premier League (1-2)
26/01/2021Premier League (1-2)
2/02/2021Premier League (1-2)

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