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Batman/ Bruce WayneMain character, saves people in Gotham City, Gus Lewis also played Bruce when he was little
Scarecrow/ Jonathon CraneWorks with Ra's al Ghul to try and bring Gotham City down
Rachel DawesBruce's friend, Emma Lockhart also played Rachel when she was little
James GordonPolice officer, person who drove the Batmobile when Batman hunted down Ra's al Ghul in the train
Alfred J. PennyworthThe Waynes' butler, 'What's the point of all those push-ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?!'
Ra's al Ghul/ Henri DucardBatman's trainer and enemy- first known as Henri Ducard, then Bruce finds out he's the real Ra's al Ghul
Fake Ra's al GhulHe's the fake Ra's al Ghul, the one who sits on the throne and brandishes a hot iron at Bruce
Lucius FoxIntroduced Batman to his Batmobile, suit, and weapons
Carmine FalconeVillian of Gotham City before Scarecrow
Thomas WayneBruce's father, husband of Martha Wayne
Joe ChillKilled Bruce's parents
Martha WayneBruce's mother, wife of Thomas Wayne
Judge FadenJudge who was paid by Falcone to make Chill's hearing public
Richard EarleRan Wayne Enterprises since Bruce's disappearance and eventually got kicked out by Bruce
DirectorDirector of Batman Begins

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