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toys are ____ in factories
troll face is a ____
i put a ____ on my bike to keep it from being stolen
it was ____ that i realised that he was a monster
i must get away from ____
____ will catch me
a object that has numbers on six sides in plural
four plus one equals?
four plus five equals?
i ____want to go to her house
i want to ____ with her
'this is not a ____' i said to her
i got some ____ to play with her
she is a ____
my friends except for her are _____
i must ____ my fears
we are going on a ____
we with meet on this _____
we will go ____
im to sleep in one of my friends _____
_____ are like cake but with filling and a crust
i got a letter _____ her
she is _____
i _____ this photo
i _____ this photo
the sun is a ____
the name of a movie is 'star ____'
a _____ is a powerful armored vehicle used in war
____ are the main weapon used in war
most people have _____ to earn money
what is this symbol? +
a object that you were on your head (plural)
the opposite of cats
they give us milk and are on farms
they give us bacon
they are one of the only species that have winges
bob took his first _______
he _______ the potatos
he _______ him with a club
he _____ him with a gun
very serious ingery
he threw the _____
he took a nasty _______
the bear _______ed him
he went to the ______ to get a present
she played with her ______
most dogs are ______
he paid in ______
his dad drank all of the ______
he was the ____ at baseball
she was being such a ___
he ____ her in the back
he only had 5 _____s
he felt the crack of the ____
he had it on his ______ all day
he knew the worst ____ was zero tolerance
'i will kill _____ family' he exclamed
he hated all of the ______ about driving
he suddenly realised it wan't _____
he knew it wan't real it was _____
sudenly he realised that he was trapped in a _____
when he heard the _____ flash he jumped out of his seat
he ______ across town
he knew his house was infested with _____
three plus _____ equals seven
it was 39 ____s
he was under ground to deep
he threw the ____ down the cave
he had to _____ home after the fight
the dog came up to him and _____ed him
he was the biggest _____ in high school
he thought it was a ____
he ____ed it with a stick
the town ______ where very entertained by the hanging
they _____ed him for liking dolls
it was then that arthur became _____
he was down in the ______s
_____ scotia (a canadian province)
he had reached the ____ of the earth
then they dropped the _____ on japan
he knew it was _____
he decided to go for a ride
he followed the ____
he answered the telephone ____
he ____ed to him
it would ____ him ages to reach there
it began to ____ in november
he could feel the wind ____ against is cloths
opposite of dogs
he began to _____about the loan
he began to moan about the _____
he was in the ____ when he played
he _____ed past her
he was scared and _____
he had the _____ money in the wourld
it was a high _____ but it was worth it
as his last resort he began to eat some _____
the _____ had started the plague
he lay down some _____ for his geusses
he saw a bunch of ____ nesting in his attic

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