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SynonymMovie, Book, or TV Show
The Large Boom Hypothesis
The Cat, The Wizard, and the Closet
A Collection of Unlucky Happenings
Knife Sprinter
Competition of Chairs
Small Troublemakers
Honor and Discrimination
Starving Sports
Chieftain USA
Steel Cook
Recent Female
King of the Maggots
1 Hour
Incarcerated Advancement
A Gorgeous Brain
SynonymMovie, Book, or TV Show
Adventurer's Handbook to the Cosmos
The Public System
Cute Lady
Smashing Awful
Hail of the Untamed
Battle Clan
In Freezing Hemoglobin
Brisk Joggings
Nightfall Sector
The Skinny Crimson Contour
Dating the Rock
Check your Eagerness
Crazy Guys
The Majesty's Lecture

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