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What's the slogan of the camp?
What's the number of the camp?
What does MASH mean?
Hawkeye and Trapper invent an imaginary captain (S.1-E.15). What was his name?
What was the name of the M*A*S*H themesong?
The name of the last episode was...?
Hawkeye has one big fear. What is it? (S.7-E.20)
What's the name of the female korean barowner?
In 'The General Flipped at Dawn' Potter sing a ditty song. What was the name?
In what episode Henry left us? (S.3-E.24)
Klinger did his best to get a....?
He played Dr. Borelli in 'The Consultant' and 'Lend a hand'. What's his name? (hint: It's Hawkeye's real father)
Frank Burns' middle name?
Korean girl that marries Klinger?
Radar's favorite drink?
And Hawkeye's favorite one?
Book from which Hawkeye got his nickname. According to him it was the only book his father ever read.
What old Western movie which was Potter's favorite and played at the 4077th in 'Movie Tonight.'
Mike Farrell's wife Judy was one of the nurses. What was her name?
Region/place where the camp is situated?
Who composed the musical piece (Quintet for Clarinet and Strings (K. 581)) which Charles tried to teach the Chinese musicians to play in the final episode?
What's the name of Hawkeye's tent?

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